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2 Retreats, 1 Week of Connection to Nature

spiral retreat Jan 10, 2024

July 2024 near the Ardèche, south-central France

THE SPIRAL RETREAT is happening from Sunday, July 7th, 3 pm to Weds, July 10th lunchtime and will be followed by a second 3-day retreat (5 Filaments training) from Thursday, July 11th to Saturday, July 13th.


THE SPIRAL EXPERIENCE is happening from Sunday, July 7th, 3 pm to Weds, July 10th lunchtime and will be followed by a second 3-day retreat (5 Filaments training) from Thursday, July 11th to Saturday, July 13th.

On THE SPIRAL RETREAT, you will be supported on a physical and artistic journey into spirality to reconnect with the spiral essence of nature's wisdom. Together, we'll plunge into the heart of the spiral through our senses to develop authentic movement and understand the extent to which this original motif of nature is embedded in the fabric of living matter.

Through the movement of the 5 Filaments, breathing, drawing, making models, origami, and art, individually and collectively we will deeply reweave this sacred pattern within us to reactivate what links us to our origins so that Life can flow freely.

Each day will begin and end with 5 Filaments Flow movement practices, accessible to all, followed by creative workshops and free time to enjoy the magic of the place, bathe, rest, share and regenerate intensely in contact with Nature.

All the information and booking is here:




As a health/movement professional, you might be interested in making the most out of your trip and staying for the second retreat: 5 FILAMENTS THERAPEUTICS, manual modalities to enhance your spiral adjustments skills, one-to-one. 

The 5F manual method provides an appropriate context for helping clients by offering intelligent support with optimal spiral movement patterns, given the constraints of our human species, combined with your movement modality (yoga, Pilates, bodywork, etc.).

Follow this link with the French and English explanations:


For this 2nd retreat, we ask the participants to have some experience with the 5 Filaments:

Experience the Five Filaments in your spiral movement practice. If you have a level 1 5F practitioner qualification (which means that you have taken a 15-hour immersion course with Karen or Célina or a 20-hour Practicum course or you are following the 5F Specialist course), then you are ready to learn the 5F manual method.

To get this experience prior to the retreat, you can choose:

THE IMMERSION in person with Karen in January 20-21st in Edinburgh or with Cèlina in Paris, April 26th-28th

THE PRACTICUM COURSE with Karen online as an online course and work at your own pace, or with Cèlina in French online as well once a month starting January 21st (10 times 2h over 10 months)

THE 5F SPECIALIST COURSE with Karen in English https://www.spiralsyllabus.com/Five-Filaments-Specialist, or in French with Cèlina https://www.celinahwang.com/formation-cinq-filaments-specialist/ 

Voila! Tuly hope you will join us in the spiral revolution!

The price includes Célina and Karen's teaching and all workshop supplies (accommodation is not included).

Full-board accommodation can be booked directly with the Domaine du Taillé. With over 10 different accommodation options, from eco-chic tents to teepees, chalets, yurts, shared rooms or on your own, you can book the option that suits you and your budget: https://www.domainedutaille.com/


Please feel free to reach out in English or French and we will make sure to answer your needs.

with helical hugs,

Karen & Cèlina x


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