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Teach anatomy and movement creatively from the heart with techniques forged in experience and grounded in the evidence-based Five Filaments approach to spiral motion.

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A comprehensive professional training pathway ‚ÄĘ Online with in-person options

The Five Filaments Specialist (5FS) professional certification is uniquely grounded in spiral anatomy and rotational biomechanics. The 5FS pathway is suitable for movement teachers who are ready to learn how to implement the science of spirality into professional practice.

Dive into Spirality
Inspired by Nature, Living in Movement - Spiral Syllabus


Anatomy is fractal, helical, and multi-dimensional.

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Spiralize  your ANATOMY  and teach MOVEMENT with greater  CONFIDENCE - Spiral Syllabus

and teach MOVEMENT with greater 

Offer your clients the only anatomy content based on spirality: Anatomy Inspired.

Created by clinical anatomist, Dr Karen Kirkness, this asynchronous online course is especially compatible with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses.  

Dr Kirkness presents the foundations of classical anatomy in conversation with contemporary principles of spirality, biotensegrity & fascia science. 

Get Inspired

Discover SPIRAL ANATOMY via VIRTUAL Dissection

You could call Dr. Karen Kirkness an anatomy nerd and she wouldn't flinch.

Why trust Dr. K with your professional training?

For starters, she literally wrote the book on spiral anatomy in yoga. With her MSc in Human Anatomy & Ph.D. in Medical Sciences concentrating on anatomy pedagogy, Dr. Kirkness is obsessed with facilitating your transformation as a movement educator without you having to go back to school in the process. 

Get to know her style in one of these short dissections as you prime yourself for a deep dive into spiral anatomy.


Start your journey from the Earth upwards. Karen demonstrates the grounding spiral of the foot using the Visible Body virtual cadaver.


How do we greet the sky? Learn about the scapulohumeral rhythm in this free 15-minute demonstration using the Visible Body virtual cadaver.


The pelvifemoral rhythm links the femur, pelvis, sacrum, and lumbar tissues into a complex function region. See how it links into the Axial Matrix here.

Spiral Syllabus

‚ÄúUnderstanding the concept of spirality has been a game-changer for my teaching and personal practice. It is a highlight of my learning to discover Karen‚Äôs workshops, tapping into her wealth of knowledge with creative and intuitive explorations of the body.‚ÄĚ

- Kate T.

Spiral Bound is here!

Oct 02, 2021

Wrist-warming with rotation mudra

Dec 01, 2022

Chirality in the weave

Sep 21, 2023

Oui! Join us on Retreat: Summer 2024 in the Ardèche

Sep 25, 2023

Professionalize your PASSION for intelligent movement.  

You don't have to be a clinical anatomist or work in a lab to understand the helical basis of human form and function.

If you are a movement educator, your work teaching people how to breathe and move optimally just got easier.

The Five Filaments spiral motion rubric is a simple, evidence-based approach to understanding biomechanics and talking about functional movement with your clients in practice.

5F Pathway