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The Fascial Brain(s): Come draw with me!

embryology enteric nervous system fascial brain gut brain neuroanatomy neurulation vesiculation Oct 27, 2023

Saturday November 4th starting at 13:30 - head over to the Fascia Hub for more details & Booking:

We'll cover the basics of neurulation, or how your nervous system deployed itself out of the tissue continuum, answering the question: how did the central and peripheral aspects of the nervous system diverge... and at what point did the gut-brain decide to specialize as such?

Next, we'll follow the constrained neural tube as it buckles and bends within the confines of the dorsal cavity, the living fascial dome within which the softer shades find their distribution ever shaped into the twirl of outpouchings we know and love as the Brain. A process also known as vesiculation.

Bring your colors!


Karen x

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