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British Fascia Symposium: The New Anatomy

decussation the fascia hub Mar 28, 2024
The Fascia Hub

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I'm so excited to present alongside two of my fascia heroes, Graham Scarr and Neil Theise, and fellow movement educators leading the practical offering in this year's British Fascia Symposium all about The New Anatomy.

If you're curious about fascia and keen to learn more about this ultimate biological "smart" material, BFS is the best place to start. You'll gain access to some of the world's leading fascia researchers and be guided through movement practices by experienced educators weaving themes from the research into practical application on and off the mat. I love BFS for its variety and inclusivity, as well as its focus on rigorous scientific integrity. Bringing allied health practitioners together with academic researchers is a challenging balance to strike, and nowhere will you find a more balanced expression of passion and purpose than at BFS.

I'll be offering a presentation centred around decussation, the crossed-over organization of the mammalian nervous system. We'll be looking at how the fascia and innervation travel together in their ontological and developmental journeys. My focus will be on giving a clearly illustrated picture of decussation, what it is and why it matters to movement professionals and therapists in practice. This twisty topic will dovetail nicely with Graham Scarr's presentation about the cellular aspect of the fascial body and Neil Theise's topic "Complexity Theory and the New Anatomy: The Boundless Body."

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