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Develop your skills as a movement educator in relationship with others on the same path. Dr Kirkness offers group mentorship and facilitates regular meetups online and in person. Group Mentorship members are eligible for 1:1 Direct Mentorship options.

Group Mentorship 

If you're interested in spiral anatomy but not looking for a training course or new qualification, Mentorship may be the right choice for you.


What you'll get:

  • Personalized guidance from Dr Karen Kirkness
  • Online¬†availability - the "Monday Sessions"
  • Focus¬†on areas of special interest:
    • Movement - spiral snacks
    • Professionalizing as a¬†movement/anatomy educator
    • Developing personal/creative¬†confidence
  • Bonus:¬†Lifetime Access¬†to the Five Filaments Masterclass Video Library!

How does Group Mentorship work?

Simply click on the Mentorship offer and you'll be invited to set up a monthly payment of £35 to secure your enrolment. You will then receive an email to welcome you into the group membership with access instructions and upcoming Monday Session dates. These live sessions are held inside the Spiral Syllabus website (not on Zoom) and recordings will be provided and uploaded to your account for secure access anytime you need it.

Group Mentorship | Spiral Syllabus

Who is Mentorship for?

Whether you’re a recently qualified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher just getting started or a seasoned teaching practitioner with years of experience, mentorship is a great way to get perspective and hone your skills within a mutually supportive relationship. 

Karen welcomes any movement educator to register for her Mentorship membership. As this pathway will be infused with Karen’s spiral anatomy background, her Mentorship is especially suitable for current or prospective grads of any of Karen’s physical/online courses, including her Yoga Teacher Training courses, particularly the Five Filaments Specialist course. 

One-to-one Direct 

When you need continuous professional support, Group Mentorship might not be enough. 1D Membership is open to all of Karen's current group mentees and includes a bespoke package of sessions available on a membership plan. If you haven't signed up for the Monday Sessions, that is the first stage of 1D Membership. 

One-to-One Direct Membership | Spiral Syllabus