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About Spiral Syllabus

A space where everything you love about movement meets what you know is true about the body.

Spiral Syllabus is a nexus of theory and practice constrained by Nature's favorite functional pattern: the spiral.

This is a space where the guru is gone. Where your yoga practice is a galaxy, ever-expanding. Where your anatomy studies are informed by embryology and rotational biomechanics. 

Where you can grow in community with others who are as passionate as you are about spiral motion.

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Spiral Syllabus

From anatomical PARTS to the PROCESS of being human

Is it enough to memorize all the Latin names of muscles, their insertions, and origins? Moving your studies to the Spiral Syllabus opens the door to embryology, chirality, and kinesiology: keys to understanding spiral motion as the functional pattern for movement professionals.

Embryology | Spiral Syllabus


Every species has its own story of unfolding as a continuum, from a single unicellular being, through stages of development. Understanding your personal spiraling story is key to seeing anatomy for what it is: a process.

Chirality | Spiral Syllabus


It means handedness. It's the reason you can walk. To be chiral is to be paired, to have the potential for leftward (sinistral) & rightward curl (dextral). Chirality is the basis of organic chemistry - it scales up to help us make sense of motion!

Kinesiology | Spiral Syllabus


Kine is the same root we see in cinema. Kinesiology is movement logic. Here we find and adapt the language humans have developed to talk about rotational biomechanics like the 'scapulohumeral rhythm'.


The Spiral Syllabus is a body of resources curated by Dr Karen Kirkness & Célina Hwang. It's a space for movement lovers from all backgrounds to find spiral inspiration and access multilingual (English & French) training & mentorship to level up in professional practice.

Karen & Célina together bring over fifty years of deep movement experience. They met as colleagues in their shared work as educators in the fascia research community, each passionate about the power of optimizing healthier outcomes through facilitating spiral motion.

Dr. Karen Kirkness

Dr. Kirkness is a yogi fascinated with Nature's spiral functionality in Sāáč…khya philosophy, anatomy & embryology. 

Meet Dr K

CĂ©lina Hwang

Célina is a dancer and movement educator passionate about somatics, spirality, and community. 

Meet CĂ©lina
Spiral Bound: Integrated Anatomy for Yoga by Karen Kirkness | Spiral Syllabus


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