Fundamentals of Spiral Anatomy

Don't miss this chance to learn the basics of the Five Filaments!

What you'll get:

  • An accessible, easily digestible dive into spiral anatomy
  • A foundation in the Core Competencies of Spiral Anatomy
  • Introductory-level spirality in embryology and microbiology
  • Kinesio-awareness: basics of language for movement professionals
  • Presentation of the Five Filaments Rubric: simplifying rotational biomechanics
  • Introduction to the Five Filaments Heuristic: how to put spirality into movement/cueing 
  • The FILAMENT mnemonic: key concepts for thriving in the new paradigm
  • A strong foundation for progressing into practical work

This Theory module forms the basis for the practical modules of the Five Filaments Foundations Training. Take this as a standalone mini-course or continue on the pathway toward the Five Filaments Specialist, Karen's professional qualification in spiral anatomy for movers.

$135.00 USD